Saturday, 22 February 2014


Last night we drove up to Appletreewick through the Bolton Abbey estate looking out for lambs and little owls. We saw a few lambs in the fields just beyond where you drop down to the Cavendish Pavilion. There'll be many more very soon

There was no little owl where we hoped to see one but I spotted one in a new area. He was amazingly well camouflaged and apparently quite happy to sit staring at us from 30 feet or so away

Appletreewick stands a little away (and above) from the dale. It is the home to a fantastic and highly popular campsite plus two of the best pubs in the county. Tonight we went to the New Inn. Drinks were taken, steaks eaten and cards played by the fire. The village is stunning with barely a brick to be seen and also the most amazingly clear skies after dark. There's very little light pollution and the night sky has to be seen to be believed; especially in winter. It really is a special place

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