Thursday, 12 June 2014

Pork pie wedding cake

Early in our plans last autumn we decided we wanted a pork pie wedding cake. Various local butchers either didn't seem interested or capable and as we were about to wonder if we could get what we wanted Stef found reference to Tony Woods the self-styled home of the Guiseley Growler on the internet

I gave Tony a call and he was immediately delighted to help. The day I went in to discuss what we wanted a batch of still warm Growlers had just been taken into the shop and they were superb (I had a brace iirc). The photo above taken by Michael is of Tony's son Ben, who cooked a belting pie for his own wedding Ben and Tony are smashing guys and our cake was superb (it didn't last long after the race!)

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  1. Pork Pies are special. Enjoy.