Friday, 20 June 2014

Steve Birkinshaw's Wainwright challenge

Like many of my friends I've been following Steve Birkinshaw's attempt to firstly do all the Wainwrights in as short a time as possible this week, but also ideally to break Joss Naylor's long standing record of 7days 1 hour 25 minutes. Steve's tracker has made crucial viewing and his blog has been kept up to date superbly by members of his support team

Steve is on his last dozen or so tops now and should finish tonight, before midnight, in Keswick. There'll be a lively atmosphere in town (its the Dark Peak group BG tonight and probably the most popular weekend of the year for that challenge), and I'm highly tempted to go along to see this epic run come to its conclusion

Anyone wanting to donate to Steve's chosen charities, the MS Society and the Sampson Centre can do so here and here

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