Tuesday, 11 November 2014


I'm growing my hair. For half my lifetime it's been cropped, mostly "to the wood". For a while I went to the barbers but around the time of the millennium I bought a pair of Wahl clippers and have either used them, or (especially in summer) wet-shaved all-over every few days

Yesterday lunch-time I nipped into Ilkley and went to see Nathan at Mojo. He's the guy who sorted Sam out after his visit to the Ilkley Slasher. After explaining my project, "I want to look eccentric, English tweedy eccentric, but maybe a bit like Einstein, Picasso or Mark Twain", he gave me a very decent short back and sides. I've always miss going to the barbers; surely the most manly of environments and as I was leaving I said see you in a few weeks

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