Friday, 13 November 2015

Closed for business

I started work in 1982 at Stevensons Dyers at Ambergate in Derbyshire. Then there were around 1,400 staff involved in the dyeing and finishing of knitting yarn,  garments (knitted jumpers and cardigans) and hosiery (socks and tights). I left in 1997 after being made redundant as our industry contracted and moved off-shore. Within 18 months I'd started a new career selling dyes and chemicals into companies like my previous employer. Yesterday I drove past the former site of the dyeworks (it closed completely around 10 years ago), and I couldn't resist stopping to take a few quick photographs. I've travelled the world (one day I will tot up how many countries I've visited) earning a living from what I learnt at Ambergate and there aren't many days when I don't think about the fantastic people I worked with there

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