Wednesday, 31 October 2012


I didn't feel 100% on last Wednesday's club run but didn't think much of it, blaming it on a hard road run on the previous Monday and the wet ground. By Friday, the day we drove over to Suffolk, I felt terrible and as I think I blogged before I was dreadful on Friday night. I've not really got any better since if the truth be known!

My heart is racing, I keep breaking out in feverish sweats or more alarmingly, cold sweats, I feel weak and lethargic and I have zero appetite for food. There are no cold symptoms but I have a classic case of flu I think. Thankfully we have some data to process for work which can be done at home, which has meant I haven't had to go further than the dustbin since Sunday. Also Stef is away with work so she hasn't had to put up with my moaning

There might just be a chink of light in that I didn't wake up in a sweat sodden bed this morning and I feel marginally better. I've already missed Monday's full moon headtorcher and guess there's little chance of getting out tonight but hopefully I might be able to get out to play at the weekend! 


  1. You will have plenty of other weekends, plenty of other 'full moons'
    Your heart is beating fast, but it's beating. You will get better and appreciate it all the more
    Get Well Soon

  2. Pendle Thursday to make up for Mondays miss?

    1. It's a long way to go Livi for four miles. I'm feeling a lot better today but racing would be daft I think. Have fun if you're going! :-)