Monday, 29 October 2012

Surf's up in Suffolk

Stef and I spent the weekend in Lowestoft celebrating Stef's sister Jo's wedding with family. We were staying in a hotel on the sea-front and on Saturday morning we had 18 surfers enjoying the results a good in-shore blow. The photo was taken from the hotel window!

The wedding was a lovely and very informal occasion. The ceremony was held in a church by the sea and the reception started off with shepherds pie and gravy, followed by apple pie and custard. Jo and Tony love rock music so plenty of Status Quo, Led Zepellin and Motorhead featured later on the disco

The only real down-side of the weekend was that I struck down by MANflu. I was so ill on Friday night that I had to leave half a pint of bitter in the pub! I've been dosing myself up with paracetamol, which seems to have helped but it's very long time since I've felt so ill 

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