Saturday, 17 November 2012

Pinkies over

I've not done any what I call 'formal bird watching' (i.e.going out specifically to see birds) for a while but I'm always on the look out when we're out and about, say, walking or running. On Wednesday night as I was getting in the car to go to our club run I heard what I thought for a second was a tawny owl (common near us). However, it soon became clear it was a group of pink footed geese coming over. Try as I might I couldn't see them in the dark and mizzle but they passed right overhead. Yesterday I'd not been up long and I heard 'pinkies' again. I rushed to the living room window and there was a near-perfect skein of probably a hundred birds moving west. They weren't high up and I could hear them clearly chattering away to each other. I always try to imagine what they says, 'tuck in now mate, you've done your bit', 'hey; isn't it your turn on the front?', or simply a 'good effort!'

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