Monday, 10 February 2014


My training is patchy at best at the moment. One week I manage three or four runs and the next I can barely be bothered to get moving. Stef is working long days and I miss her getting me going. I'm hoping I might feel more inspired as the nights draw out further

The good news is we've run round our Fells and Bells race route the last two Sundays. We were lucky too on both occasions to have some decent weather. Stef did great yesterday running all the uphill on the 'Groom's route' and she left me sauntering well and truly along behind her as we neared the top

I've got a very sore lower back at the moment. I've been prone to sciatic problems for several years and I can feel a visit to my physio coming up soon! It's not too bad running downhill and on the flat, but it's very painful after say more than 10 or 15 minutes uphill

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